June 20, 2024

Things You Should Not Do At a National Park

Travelling is so exciting seeing that there are so many things that you can do. Talk of hiking, taking pictures and site seeing. The list is endless. Tourists tend to get too excited especially when they visit a national park. Did you know there are some things that you are not supposed to do there?

Leaving the roadway

Understand that there are a lot of dangerous wild animals in the national parks that you get to visit. Therefore this means that you will need to follow all the rules for your safety. One of those is to never leave the roadways that are set.

It’s wise that you follow those roads. It’s far much better when you are walking with a guide. There are dangerous paths that you may choose to follow that will lead you to dangerous places seeing that you are not familiar with the park.

Feeding wild animals

Of all the great things that you may want to do at a national park, this is one of the things you should not do. Never feed the wild animals. It’s a dangerous act that is deemed illegal in most parks.

 Also, another reason is that the animals being in the park means they lead a life in the jungle. Therefore feeding them, will make them want to depend on humans. This takes away their wildlife instincts.

Making noise

When you travel and you are visiting a wildlife space it’s wise that you keep a minimum volume in the case that you want to listen to music. Keep in mind that you are not the only one in the area. Playing, music loudly will disturb other tourists and also at the same time you will draw the attention of the animals towards yourself.

Smoking on trails.

Keep in mind that you are visiting a place where people want to enjoy the freshness of nature. No one would love the smell of smoke on trails. Also, smoking is not allowed seeing that it can result in a wildfire.


This is one of the things that tourists should never do. Understand that once you damage some of these things they will never be replaceable seeing that they are natural features. Understandably, you want to carve your mark on these territories however that is not advisable.

Don’t eat random fruits

When you visit a national park and you see different sorts of fruits don’t just eat them. Some of the berries or fruits are poisonous. It’s wise that you eat only when you are told by the tour guide that it’s safe for you to eat. The bottom line is if you know that you will be hungry later brings your own food.


Visiting a national park is so much interesting and you enjoy every second of it. All you need to do is make sure that you follow all the rules that are set. After all those rules were put in place to protect you, the animals and try to preserve the natural environment.